Together with Huawei, we become important security supplier for Venezuela

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With a goal to be the best manufacturer of security inspection equipment, Tian He Shi Dai continues its improvement in production, technical innovation and service. Security inspection products such as X-ray baggage scanner, walk through metal detector and explosive disposal tank have been stepping out of the country to contribute on solving the increasingly serious international security issues as well as domestic public security. Recently, joint with HUAWEI Technologies, Tian He Shi Dai won a Venezuelan security project. 

In addition to the network communication system, the project in Venezuela involved in the security inspection equipment. As the top 500 enterprises in the world, HUAWEI has a very broad international market. Both technology and service have reached international standards with a mature system of operation. In order to better satisfy customers and seek powerful partners, HUAWEI has investigated many manufacturers of the security inspection equipment throughout the country by production capacity, technology innovation and product quality. After strict evaluation, Tian He Shi Dai successfully got the bid.

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