GA 872-2010


Material:Carbon steel, Thickness 35mm
Composed by:Tank body, tank lid, trawl, mechanical facility for operate lid, foundation, Jacking parts, Venting components,Wheels and etc
Application:Manually open/close the cover via external devices; the month of ball tank is vertically upward,Cover opened from inside
Bottom base size:920mm * 830mm * 830mm ( Wide*Deep*Height)
Outer size:920mm * 1100mm * 950mm ( Wide*Deep*Height, when cover open)
Inner size:920mm * 1100mm * 910mm ( Wide*Deep*Height, when cover closed)
Inner diameter :750mm ,Outer diameter : 820mm
Month diameter:530mm ,Cover diameter : 590mm
Max open diameter:320mm
Venting holes Diameter:5mm (on body of tank)

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