AT2910 Vehicle inspection system


Bespoke inspection system for Ro Ro Terminals

AT2910 Vehicle inspection system is customized for the Ro Ro Terminals. When the driver and passengers outside the cars, free from radiation, the scanning system move on the rail to scan.


Tunnel size:                                3 (W) * 3 (H) m (can be customized)

Scanning speed:                         0.2m/s

Steel penetration:                        50 mm by 200KV, 70mm 300KV

Spatial resolution:                       Vertical 2mm/Horizontal 1.3mm

Noise:                                       <65dB(A) , anywhere 1m away from the system

Detector shape:                          High resolution L-shaped detector line

AT2910-1.jpg    AT2910-2.jpg

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Data Sheet of Safeway System Vehicle Inspection System AT2900.pdf