Prison Administration from Venezuela cooperate with us

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On July 16 of 2013, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Prisons Venezuela visited Shenzhen Tianheshidai Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.. The Company President Mr. Li Jianbo showed the clients to the production lines and introduced the security equipments produced by the company.

Minister of Ministry of Prisons Venezuela had previously purchased more than 100 X-ray baggage scanners, walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors and other security equipments in our company and satisfied with the quality of the products. The Minister and delegation listened to the introduction of the company’s new products, such as dangerous liquid detectors and explosive detectors, and highly praised the company. The Minister said the security products of Tianheshidai have reached or even surpassed the world advanced level. He was impressed by the  clean and tidy factories, advanced production lines and rigorous operation technicians.

The Minister said that at present, many governments around the world, including China and Venezuela, are continuously increasing their investment in security software and hardware in order to maximize the protection of people and the security of their country. He hoped that the company would act as a pioneer in China’s security equipment, providing more innovative and advanced security equipment and make its contribution to the world’s security. Mr. Li Jianbo told the Minister that the company had invested heavily in research and development to reach the world advanced level. The company was aiming to become the world’s largest supplier of security screening equipment, helping customers to achieve “safe and harmony all over the world” concept. The visit has strengthened and deepened the cooperation between the company and Venezuela to create a beautiful chapter for the development of security.

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