Postal & Express Industry Security Training of Guangdong Province 2018

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The rapid development of China’s economy is inseparable from the attention to public security. In March of 2018, an explosion at FedEx Center Texas recalled public concerns about the postal parcels security.

In China, the postal & express industry is developing at a high speed with sound safety record. China’s government has implemented strict regulations on its safety operations. Every company is required to have security inspection equipment and conduct security inspection in its daily operations. To help the companies doing it better, Guangdong Postal Administration held the “Postal & Express Industry Security Training” at the Walston Ston Interantional Hotel in Huizhou on Aug. 29-31, 2018.

Leaders of Guangdong Postal Administration, Provincial Administration of Safety Supervision, Provincial Anti-Drug Bureau, Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, Provincial Bureau of Policy and Regulations, and heads of Service department, Provincial Express Industry Association, municipal bureaus and market supervision bureaus attended the opening ceremony and the training. More than 100 representatives from all the postal and express companies in Guangdong Province, including SF Express, STO Express, ZTO Express, YUNDA, JD Express etc., participated in the training. This is a grand event for the healthy development of the postal & express industry.


The training started with government regulations, business knowledge and related work deployment by the functional departments. Guangdong Postal Administration invited the technical experts from Shenzhen Safeway Inspection System Limited to conduct a training on daily security inspection operation training. With the real cases, trainer explained the technical principle of the x-ray baggage scanner, daily operation, routine maintenance, fault diagnosis and elimination, emergency treatment, etc., and made live demonstrations and interactive communication. “An Tian Xia” x-ray baggage scanner produced by Shenzhen Shenzhen Safeway Inspection System Limited is widely used in various enterprises in the express industry. The delegates said the training was good for them to know the theory and practice, helping them solved the problems encountered in daily work.


“An Tian Xia” in Chinese means to make a safe world. As the Chairman Member of China Security Inspection and EOD Industry Alliance, Safeway provides x-ray baggage scanners right for the express industry!

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