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Hydraulic Bollard Barrier AT5200

AT5200 Hydraulic bollard barrier system is widely used in airports, customs, ports, embassies, military bases, banks, prisons, government building, parking lots, etc. to control vehicle access. Through the control system, the bollards are hydraulically driven to up and down quickly.

AT5200 adopts hydraulic drive technology, which is stable and fast. The operation is simple and flexible. It has strong load-bearing and anti-collision capability, low noise, safe and reliable.

Control System:                   Electric Hydraulic

 Power consumption:            300W per bollard

 Maximum bearing capacity: 100 tons

 Bollard height after rising:    600 mm

 Warning sign:                      Yellow reflective tape and high-bright LED light

 Remote control distance:     30m

 Hydraulic pressure:              50 KFG, maximum 70 KFG

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Data sheet of Safeway System AT5200 Hydraulic bollard barrier system.pdf

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